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A Day of Many Firsts

Audrey ZambrottaComment

Hi all! Audrey here, reporting live about my first day at Libby B.K. headquarters. What did my first day entail? Amazing women, a fabulous photo shoot, inspiring collaboration of artists, (and I won’t even go into my adventures navigating the NYC transit system….)

Many people think that New York is made up of huge companies and even bigger egos. While this might be partly true (New Yorkers are known to think highly of themselves… for good reason of course!) What I found on my first day was quite the opposite. Just give us some talented friends, a constant flow of coffee and great tunes… and there’s no stopping us. New to the city life I was excited/overwhelmed with the fast past –of everything. But hopping on and off subways and almost getting hit by several taxis going speeds that were nowhere near legal was all worth it.

My first day also brought my first photo shoot. It was in a stunning West Side apartment with huge windows and great views. I arrived ready for whatever the day brought me, expecting lots of yelling and high stress. (‘Caus, duh, that’s what you see on every reality TV show). In fact, it was quite the opposite. I met a wonderful supportive team, and heard more laughter than raised voices. Everyone did what they did best and welcomed me right into the fold. (I got a job holding the reflector screen and you’re darn right when I say I was proud of myself). With each make up/hair and jewelry change came even greater results. Scrolling through the different looks, the team effort came together seamlessly. The gold in the Bent-Not-Broken cuff perfectly complimented the gold in the model’s eye shadow and the light dazzlingly caught the sterling silver bowline necklace. With every new look, I felt more and more excited for what’s to come. Who needs big ego when you’ve got a team like this?

Check back soon – can’t wait to post when the new photos are done.

Signing off from my first post!

- Audrey