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A short reflection on the coming Mother's Day

Libby B.K.Comment

My lines are about fabulous women, and mother's day is a day I think about the most fabulous woman of all, my mom. Even if Hallmark did just make up the holiday, it doesn't take away from how awesome my mom is. She's smart, beautiful, thoughtful, caring, energetic (oh so energetic), and never for a moment have I doubted her love for me. She's been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember (even during those years I might have said things to the contrary, I never meant it.)

Recently, a good friend of mine lost her mom, and I remember when my mother lost hers. It's hard to write or speak about loss without sounding cliched, so all I will say is that I am thankful for my mom every day.

So cheers to moms, whether they are with us in our lives or only in our hearts.