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Gilded Siren in Flawless Magazine

Libby B.K.Comment

At the beginning of this amazing summer I, the intern, experienced my first photoshoot. I explained how, with the talent of other professionals, we created something beautiful in the pictures. Well good news! The pictures are out and ready to be seen by the public in Flawless Magazine. With model Stacy Ann, make up by Dawn Williams, hair by Danielle Paquette, and photography by Oksana Harris, the title Gilded Siren is very fitting. Libby B.K. is all about celebrated the empowerment of women and the amazing talent they bring to the world, and this project most definitely represents what amazing results can come from fabulous women collaborating together. This summer has been a crazy one for Libby B.K. and I have had so much fun being an intern for this company. But all good things must come to an end, so I pass on my fabulous intern torch to the next lucky lady and expect to see nothing less than awesomeness for the future of Libby B.K. Audrey the intern, signing out.